George and Me

George and Me

This show uses animation to create a fresh fun science-based series that gives kids insights about themselves.

George is a Kiwi kid who loves skateboarding & the beach. Me is his sidekick, an inquisitive animated character who tends to bear the brunt of their antics! Together they ‘go micro’ to explore the human body and discover all the weird and grossly fascinating stuff kids want and need to know to take better care of themselves (and stay safe).

Director Levi Beamish was nominated for Best Director (NZ Factual) at #NZWF17 for Glimpse: Aurelia, which was also nominated for Best Show (NZ Factual).

George and Me is selected for #NZWF18 in the Animation & Puppetry category, and will play in the screening programme Follow My Feet.

Levi Beamish
Sean Loftin

Emma Calveley

Attitude Pictures