Last Breath

Last Breath

Perri Cummings
Jennifer Monk

Lee McClenaghan
Lisa Dallinger
Hannah Davies
Shanon Kulupach
Emma Jo McKay
Jennifer Monk
Eva Justine Torkkola
Constance Washington
Kelley Kerr Young

Jennifer Monk


The series is inspired by the stories of real Australian women executed or imprisoned for life for murder. Set in a grim waiting cell, the show takes place in the moments before the convicted murderer is brought to the gallows or taken to the court for sentencing.

Each episode of Last Breath has been written and performed by a member of Girls Act Good (GAG), an all-female ensemble based in Melbourne.

Last Breath is the winner of the Direct Selection Award from our partner Melbourne WebFest. In exchange, a NZ show from #NZWF19 will be selected for Melbourne’s 2020 edition.

* * *

Last Breath is selected for #NZWF19 in the International Narrative category.