Over and Out

Over and Out

Connor Van Vuuren

Adele Vuko
Christiaan Van Vuuren

Bridget Callow-Wright
Gemma Knight
Abi Tabone


Two young parents strive to raise their children right, in a world full of wrong. Lewis and Freya are stuck in the middle of the two most stressful things to do ever: raising babies and surviving the end of the world.

They’re battling the cute and cuddly horrors of early parenthood and the actual horrors of reaving metal-clad gangs, mutants, cannibals, dehydration, disease and starvation… and zombies.

Over and Out won the Best Series award for short form series at Canneseries earlier this year. The creators are also the team behind Location Scouts, selected in the screening programme PROGNAME.

* * *

Over and Out is selected for #NZWF19 in the International Narrative category.