Poi – Hopes and Dreams

Poi – Hopes and Dreams was a joint winner, with Amy Street, of the Best Show (NZ Factual) award at #NZWF17. Poi also won a Jury Award for cinematography and Direct Selection to the 2018 Melbourne Web Fest

For every child who dreams of the world. And every parent who hopes to give it to them. Poi – Hopes and Dreams is an intimate webseries designed from the heart.

Inspired by a Māori worldview and our intrinsic connection to the poi, the series is a visual reflection of relationship between a mother and child.

Each moving portrait also reflects something unique from the world of poi. From weaving the handle of the poi, to movement in full flight, to synchronising beats, each story captures the magic of that moment.

Poi – Hopes and Dreams is an intimate series designed from the heart.

“I wrote a piece of prose about hopes for my own daughter that became the inspiration for this series,” says creator Lanita Ririnui-Ryan. “I never dreamt that taking that moment could lead to our humble little team creating these stories with such beautiful women.”

Set to reflect aspects of genealogy, connection, inspiration, adventure, love, strength, grief and dedication, Poi – Hopes and Dreams is a series of humanity.

Lanita Ririnui-Ryan
Ngatapa Black
Lanita Ririnui-Ryan
Lanita Ririnui-Ryan
Ngatapa Black
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