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Someday Stories

Someday Stories

In today’s society we have different ways to stay connected and informed. Teenagers now use social media to share information and stories more frequently but are simultaneously isolated. Social isolation greatly impacts a young person’s well being. Therefore, complicated by the potency of technology and its ability to alter the human experience, there is a real need to balance the lived experiences of our young people.

When We Speak is led by the talented Zech Soakai, Liam Jacobson and Kyla Dela Cruz, members of the the Auckland-based poetry collective Nui Wave. They each explore their identity and past experiences to encourage and empower our young people through their own adversities.

This film disrupts preconceived notions of young people whilst affirming and empowering young people to find their own authentic voice.

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Someday Stories comprises six films by emerging New Zealand filmmakers on the theme of sustainability. Someday Stories is an initiative of The Outlook for Someday sustainability film project for young people.

Miliama Setefano

Zechariah Soakai
Kyla Dela Cruz
Liam Jacobson

Miliama Setefano