WSWC: May 2019

WSWC: May 2019

The second set of Web Series World Cup rankings, released following the conclusion of Miami Web Fest, doesn’t see any major changes in the top part of the table. There are some suggestions for how things will shape up as the year wears on.

Six of the top 10 shows began their festival runs in 2018, and will therefore not collect selections, nominations nor awards in the latter part of this year. The shows which were strategic in deciding to time their festival submissions for events running from the start of the year have a much stronger chance of lasting the distance.

The current Web Series World Cup top five contains shows of both types.

Bragging Rights

Otsoen Lurraldean (top image) has the top spot. While the finish line is a long way off, this writer will go out on a limb and pick this show as the eventual table-topper in 2019. The current leaders are:

  1. Otsoen Lurraldean, Spain, 90 points
  2. Dreaming Whilst Black, UK, 78
  3. M, Argentina, 70
  4. Public Writer, Canada, 68
  5. The Strategy Of Water, Switzerland, 58

Otsoen Lurraldean and M are new releases, while the other three titles all made several festival appearances in 2018.

The second half of the top 10 also features three shows which began their journeys last year.

  1. A-Live, Italy, 54 points
  2. Dorien, Spain, 49
  3. Real Argentina, Argentina, 49
  4. Dele Viaje, Costa Rica, 48
  5. Flight 69, France, 47

Flight 69 remains the highest-ranking pilot on the table. America’s Happy Healthy Stronger Makeover flexes its muscles as the best-performing doco to date. Currently at #16, it’ll be interesting to see if a show that sits firmly at the reality end of the factual show spectrum lasts longer than the spray tans of its hosts.

Happy Healthy Stronger

It’s good to see that the NZ shows (and hopefully any others) which were omitted from the first set of rankings are now included.

Sui Generis continues to be the highest-ranked NZ show, with The Watercooler, Ao-terror-oa, Life In The Dead Zone, Unboxed, Baby Mama’s Club and The Adventures of Suzy Boon also now appearing, in that order. Unboxed comes from Flat 3 Productions (Flat 3, Friday Night Bites), and should not be confused with the Aussie doco web series of the same name which played the web festival circuit last year.

None of the NZ shows is a 2019 release. Four of the six won awards at #NZWF18.

Next stop

The WSWC heads to Europe for its next three festivals, where three of the current top 10 shows get to play on home turf.

The inaugural edition of Italy’s Apulia runs 17-19 May. Next month, Germany’s Die Seriale (13-16 June) and Spain’s Cinema Jove (21-23 June) present their 2019 editions.



Rules of the Game

For those who don’t know, the Web Series World Cup works a little like the Rugby Sevens tournament.

The cup runs each calendar year. Shows pick up points at participating festivals for each selection, award nomination, and award win. The running total is updated roughly once a month. Organisers announce the winner either following the final festival of the year, or earlier if a show takes an unassailable lead.


Published on 8 May 2019