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Welcome to our October newsletter. There are only a few weeks to go until #NZWF17, so do us both a favour and get your tickets now. Earlybird ticket sales close on 20 October, so save yourself some money.

This month we're thrilled to announce all the award nominees for this year's festival, and some new partnerships.

Of our 61 selections, over half achieved one or more nominations across our award categories.

The most-nominated New Zealand show is Auckward Love with five nominations: Best Narrative Show, Director (Emmett Skilton), Ensemble Cast, Actress (nominations for Luci Hare and Holly Shervey).
The Maori Side Steps has four nominations: Best Narrative Show, Director (Tamati Kawha), Ensemble Cast, Actor (Cohen Holloway). Two international shows also have four nominations each, Aussie drama High Life, featuring 800 Words' Benson Jack Anthony, and Swiss vampire comedy Orazio's Clan.

Check out the full list of award nominees on our website.
One of the great pleasures of being part of a network of festivals such as the Web Series World Cup is the opportunity to add a bit of value for our selections.

Recently we've begun to develop partnership with our nearest web fest neighbour, Melbourne, and Korea's Seoul Web Fest. One of our award nominees, Amy Street, took out the top gong in Melbourne this year. Submit here to see if NZ can make it back-to-back victories in 2018.
The Seoul Web Fest is just a bit bigger than the NZ Web Fest, and presented 125 web shows in this year's edition. US series Adultish and Korean series Black Cat took the top awards. Seoul's 2018 edition is currently accepting submissions and will run 30 August – 1 September. 1, 2018.

As we warm up for this year's edition of the NZ Web Fest, we're happy to see that several #NZWF17 titles are also enjoying success elsewhere. Ireland's Dub Web Fest has announced its programme, including a good number of #NZWF17 selections.

Rio Web Fest's line-up has no less than six Kiwi shows in its mix, including #NZWF16 finalist Pot Luck.

Jiwi's Machines, by #NZWF15 presenter Joseph Herscher, was among the winners at the International Academy of Web Television awards last week, along with four of our #NZWF17 award nominees: Aussie shows Bruce, High Life, This is Desmondo Ray and Lebanese doc Zyara.
We're nearly ready to go for #NZWF17 on 18-19 November, and we'll start rolling our speaker announcements very soon, so get your tickets here. Earlybird ticket sales close 20 October.

Melbourne, Seoul, and plenty of other web fests are prepping for their 2018 editions. As always, check out Web Series Mag for a great calendar of submission deadlines and event dates for web fests and other festivals selecting online content.
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