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Welcome to this shorter than usual edition of our newsletter.

Like blinkered race-horses with tunnel vision we are fully-focused on preparations for this year's festival. And with less than two weeks to go, we need to be!

After an enforced venue change, we're now running at one of the grand old homes of theatre in Auckland, the Mercury, built back in the days before moving images were a thing.

Our programme is now published right here. There's a veritable boatload of shows to see, people to meet, and winners to celebrate, so book your tickets via Eventbrite. Do it now!

We're excited to say that we've got a record number of international guests at this year's festival, some of whom will be appearing on panels. We're rolling out presenter announcements in the run-up to the festival, so keep an eye on our social media channels for those.

We're also looking for a few volunteers to lend a hand on the day, so if you're interested in being part of the event, maybe this is your way to be involved. Deets here.

For those of you not able to attend, we'll be sharing the award winners in a special newsletter later this month.

All Over the Place
Elsewhere, the Web Series World Cup is now almost done. We haven't seen an official update for October yet, but we have seen results from other fests and offer congratulations to all the winners from Bilbao, Marseille and Ozark Mountain. Special congrats to The Watercooler (top image), named Best Comedy at Ozark Mountain, and to our Direct Selection winner from Ozark, One True Loves (below), which is the first title confirmed for #NZWF20. There's some forward-planning :)

Here at home
We're sad to hear that NZ On Air CEO Jane Wrightson is moving on. We'd like to add our voice to the many others thanking her for 12 years of service, most of those spent trying to stretch standstill funding across ever-increasing demands for support, and for the enormous number of hours of wonderful NZ content that's been made with NZ On Air's support.

The Show Me Shorts festival has now mostly done its dash, while other NZ fests are mostly into prepping for 2020. The two-part NZ TV Awards runs this week (Craft Awards) and the week after #NZWF19 (everything else), so we send best wishes to all the nominees there - who include winners from last year's web fest.

Doc Edge has its VOD programme of festival films running until the beginning of December, so don't miss out on that. There's a great crop of titles from this year's festival to enjoy. Doc Edge's Dan Shanan will be one of our panel moderators at #NZWF19. If you're an advance planner, Doc Edge has also just opened entries for its 2020 Pitch competition.
Keep an eye on our calendar for those and other events. As always, send info to [email protected] if you'd like to list a submission deadline, festival date(s), or NZ funding application deadline.

If you're celebrating Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night this evening, please stay safe. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in a couple of weeks.

Get your tickets now!

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