We're now getting down to the sharp end of this year's NZ Web Fest. Submissions closed on 31 August.

Big thanks go out to our brilliant volunteers who've been processing submissions and chasing up people who didn't read the instructions and submit the supporting info requested.

After the lull over the northern hemisphere summer, European web fests are back with two German festivals, Wendie and Berlin, running over the last fortnight. Congratulations to Kirsty Griffin and Viv Kernick's Amy Street, which took out the the Non-Fiction gong at Webfest Berlin on Saturday night, or Sunday morning NZ time.

Thanks to all of you who gave us your money. You'll find out how well-spent it was on 21 September, when we'll announce all the #NZWF17 selections.

If you want a sneaky peek at some of them, we're going to tease out a few before then on our social media channels – which now include Instagram. Go on, follow us now!
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To get the selections ball (and our Instagram account) rolling, and to reward you for being a newsletter subscriber, here's the first cab off the rank for #NZWF17. Drum roll, please...

Currently sitting pretty atop the Web Series World Cup league table, Aussie Luke Eve's show High Life, featuring an award-winning turn from 800 Words' Benson Jack Anthony. High Life was among the winners at both Wendie Webfest and Webfest Berlin.
We'd like to offer congrats also to #NZWF15 finalist Human Postcards, by Arie van der Poel and Nora Jaccaud, which recently featured in a selection of must-see shows from Down Under on WebVee Guide. There are now 150 postcards so, even if you've saw the show a while ago, it's well worth revisiting.

Congrats also to #NZWF16 finalist Auckward Love on the launch of their third series, now available in all its bingeable glory on TVNZ OD. For those of you outside of NZ, it's here.

And finally, a plug!

#NZWF17 tickets go on sale on Monday 18 September, via Just the Ticket. Buying your ticket supports not only the NZ Web Fest but also a NZ-owned and -operated event ticketing service. Earlybird tix are available until 20 October or until we sell out – which of course we'd love to do at earlybird prices and save you all some money.

From the land of maple syrup, mounties, and public funding that hasn't stood still for eight years... Canada and NZ On Air have renewed the Canada – New Zealand Digital Media Fund, and the application details are here.

Miami Web Fest 14 – 17 September

UK Web Fest 21 October

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