Happy New Year!

You've probably forgotten all about us since #NZWF16 ran in November, but that's OK. New year, new start and all that. We've got plenty to share to kick off 2017 and begin the journey towards #NZWF17.

There's no rest for the wicked, so naturally we've been very busy. Click through on any of the links in this newsletter and you'll arrive on our new website: We're very happy to be there, we think it'll make it easier for everybody, and we promise not to change addresses again. If you've got a different address stored in a web browser, app or anywhere else, please update it. Similarly our social media channels are now NZWebFest on Facebook and @NZWebFest on twitter.

#NZWF17 will open for submissions on 1 February. Check us out on FilmFreeway. And, because there's a World Cup of other web fests out there too, below you can check out some other places to submit to too.

See you next month.
The biggest news in the the local web series world since November isn't really anything to do with us at all but we're all about celebrating successes, so we're excited to give a great big shout out to the teams funded in the NZ On Air webseries round of 2016. Congratulations to We Three (Auckward Love s3), BMC (Baby Mama’s Club), Flat3 (Friday Night Bites), Tomorrowland (High Road s4), Redletter TV (Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose s2), Robin Murphy Productions (Pot Luck s2), and Good Times Company (Tragicomic).

We'd also like to commiserate with those who weren't supported. While it's bugger all consolation, they were undoubtedly robbed - or there are simply too many good content creators in NZ and too little money to support them with.

But there is another chance to get funded opening up next week. TVNZ and NZ On Air have teamed up for New Blood which will support one web series with $100,000.

While we're in the business of shout-outs, we'd like to offer a rousing cheer to one of the presenters from the inaugural NZWF, Roseanne Liang. The writer and director behind Flat 3 and Friday Night Bites has had her short film Do No Harm selected for Sundance, Robert Redford's festival that is famous as it is effing freezing. It opens in snowy Utah next week. Another presenter from #NZWF15 who's also been freezing her ass off recently is Jamie Curry, who tripped off to Antarctica late last year to check out the effects of climate change.

Tash Sinclair, who was almost a presenter at #NZWF16, has a new web series running on Facebook and YouTube at present. Check out Poly Movement.

On 1 February we will open submissions for the NZ Web Fest #NZWF17. There's no great reason to rush to submit that day, but if you've got work that's ready it's worth submitting sooner rather than later. For one it's a weight off your mind, for two it's $25 in our pocket, and for three it's not $35 in our pocket, which is what it will cost you to submit after 31 March.
Interview: #NZWF16 Best Web Series winners

Interview: #NZWF16 Best Web Series winners

Peter Haynes and Hweiling Ow are the makers of many a 48Hours film, including the winner of Best Script at the 2016 awards. They're also the creators of AFK, which took out the #NZWF16 award for Best Web Series.

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If you were at the #NZWF16 awards, you may have met Kylie Connell who accepted the International Web Series award on behalf of The Agent's Dan Krige. Wearing her day job hat, Kylie offers business affairs services (contracting, music and intellectual property licensing and general legal matters) and website creation. Check her out at if you need some help in those areas.

JANUARY Submission Deadlines
DC Web Fest, USA: 31 January, final deadline
Die Seriale, Germany 31 January, late deadline (final)
Wendie, Germany: 31 January, earlybird deadline

FEBRUARY Submission Deadlines
Kwebfest: 1 February, regular deadline
Austin Web Fest: 28 February, regular deadline
Melbourne Web Fest 28 February, regular deadline
Wendie, Germany: 28 February, Regular Deadline

New Blood: (TVNZ-NZ On Air) call open 16 January - 31 March
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