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Welcome to our July newsletter. We've news of selections, nominations and award winners from a boatload of international festivals, while here in NZ there are also events to enjoy. It's a bit of a bumper offering this month, so we'll dive right in.

First up, we'd like to remind you that our next (and penultimate) submission deadline hits at the end of the month. Scoot over to FilmFreeway to join the party.

Starting at home, we'd like to give a huge shout out to all of the participants, finalists and city winners in this year's 48Hours. Last year's grand champ was Under The Bridge (pic below) from Cool Story Bro, whose producer Greg Smith was one of our generous hosts at #NZWF16. We wish all this year's finalists luck for the Grand Final on 14 July at Auckland's Mighty Civic.

An extended cut of Under The Bridge returns to screens later this month in the Kiwi shorts programme Eight Uneasy Pieces at this year's NZIFF. Complimentary gold cards for those old enough to have enjoyed the original release of the 1970 feature the programme title references.

Also among the local shorts in the NZIFF mix this year is The Messiah by Vela Manusaute, creator of one of NZ's early (and still very enjoyable) web series, The Factory.

If you're in Auckland and hungry for a bit of pre-NZIFF festival action, the fresh-from-Wairoa Maori Film Week is running right now as part of the city's programme of events marking Matariki.
Around the traps, a massive web fest weekend closed out June and opened July, with Spain's Cinema Jove, Italy's Sicily Web Fest and our nearest neighbour Melbourne Web Fest all presenting their 2018 editions and handing out gongs. #NZWF17 titles among the winners were Bruce, Hermann Sox, Poi Hopes and Dreams, Sui Generis, plus the incredible This Is Desmondo Ray which extended its lead atop the Web Series World Cup table by picking up prizes at all three of the festivals.

We're very happy to now be able to announce the Aussie show from Melbourne that is guaranteed direct selection into this year's NZ Web Fest. We got to enjoy and choose from around 25 Aussie titles selected for Melbourne this year, and we'll be very happy to present Skinford (pic below) at #NZWF18.

Skinford is produced by Enzo Tedeschi, whom those who've been exploring digital spaces for a while may well remember for 2015 series Airlock and 2011 film The Tunnel, the first feature from this part of the world to raise all of its budget on Kickstarter.

Given that we've already received plenty of submissions from Australia this year, it's safe to say that while Skinford has become the very first title announced for #NZWF18, it won't be the only Aussie title making its way across the ditch come November.

Among the international events announcing their programmes recently has been Stareable Fest, whose founder Ajay Kishore we were honoured to have as our guest at #NZWF17. Psusy is (not for the first time this year) the sole NZ selection in the festival line-up.

Following last month's announcement of Russia's first web fest, Australia gets its second with the impending arrival of the Sydney Web Fest, some details of which are still being confirmed.

The announcement of the line-up of WebFest Berlin completes this month's globetrotting. Summer is a-coming in for the northern hemisphere, so there's a distinct drop-off in the number of festivals up that way over the next couple of months.
Back on home turf, we're excited to see that season 4 of Justin Harwood's High Road is now in production and The Candle Wasters' TragiComic (pic above) is getting closer with the release of its trailer. Also coming to a screen near you shortly will be season 2 of AFK, which has been teasing out content on its YouTube channel for a while now. The creators of all three of those shows have been presenters and winners at previous NZ Web Fest editions.

Script to Screen has just announced the list of participants for its inaugural Episodic Lab. Among those selected are Roseanne Liang, Kyle McNaugton and Kerry Warkia who, between them, have been behind shows including Auckland Daze, Flat3, Friday Night Bites and Nia’s Extraordinary Life.
As we head towards the close of #NZWF18 submissions (obligatory reminder to submit here), we're starting to make plans for our festival programme.

Something we'd like to grow this year is a stronger focus on show creators, and to give as many as possible the chance to present their shows at the festival.

Obviously, many of our screening sessions will be devoted to our festival selections, but we hope to add some sessions devoted to some of our award nominees. We'd like to give creators the chance to present a more in-depth look at their show than screening just the episode(s) selected for the festival.

We're also on the lookout for sessions with creators whose shows can't meet #NZWF18 submission criteria (eg because they release outside our submission dates). These sessions could contain anything from BTS and teaser/trailer material to full-blown premiere presentations. If you're working on a web series or AR/VR/360 project that doesn't meet our submission criteria, but you'd like to share it at #NZWF18, please get in touch asap via [email protected]

And, coming full circle from where we started, a reminder that submissions for #NZWF18 are STILL OPEN. Submit your show before 31 August - or before 31 July if you like saving money!
Our regular selection of upcoming deadlines and events...

July Deadlines
Ace Web Fest (UK): July 18, Extended Deadline
Ace Web Fest (UK): July 31, Ultimate Deadline
NZ Web Fest: July 31, Late Deadline
Rio Web Fest: July 31, Regular Deadline

July Events
Stareable Fest: July 20-22

August Deadlines
Uni Shorts: 3 August, Regular Deadline
Ace Web Fest (UK): August 31, August Deadline
NZ Web Fest: August 31, Final Deadline

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Realist Web Fest (Russia): August 4-6
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