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Let me be the umpteenth person to wish you Happy New Year, even if you’re sick of hearing it by now. The rolling over of the calendar meshes nicely with our own shift into a new edition, and it’s now a mere 10 months away. How will we cope?!

Submissions for #NZWF18 will open on 1 February via FilmFreeway, and we are looking forward to seeing what comes in this time around. Surprise us, shock us, stun us. Give us a laugh, a tear to wipe away, a fright. We can take it!

This year we’re bringing back the vlog category - two in fact - and adding in new categories for AR/MR/VR/360 and interactive projects. If any of those are things you're into, or you know people who are, please help us spread the word.
We’re excited to be part of the Web Series World Cup again this year and look forward to keeping you up to date with that as it gets rolling. We’re no longer the WSWC virgin and have passed that baton on to Stareable Fest, whose Ajay Kishore was our special guest at #NZWF17.

The WSWC kicks off soon in Buenos Aires, so submissions for that have closed, but there are plenty of other fests to submit to at present, including a number of our partner festivals: Copenhagen, Melbourne, and Seoul. Deadlines are below.

Since we were last in touch we’ve entered into a couple of new partnerships, with Mad Web Fest in Spain and Rolda Web Fest in Colombia. That means we’ll be presenting even more direct selection awards this year, and we hope to announce more partnerships over the next few months.

Nga Ringo Toi o Tahu, winner of Direct Selection to CPH Web Fest 2018
There are a few people to give a shout out to this month. We’re very happy to be putting the band back together for #NZWF18 and to welcome some returning team members from #NZWF17: design divas Hannah and Patricia, and social media mavens Amirah and Phoebe. All did amazing work on our last edition and we’re looking forward to seeing what they bring second time around.

As always, there’s plenty of great web content out there just waiting for your eyeballs. If you didn’t yet get to enjoy some of the NZ shows releasing in the run up to Christmas, they’re just as good in 2018. Check out new arrivals Ahikaroa and Baby Mamas Club and new seasons of Psusy, #NZWF17 winner The Maori Sidesteps, and #NZWF16 finalist Pot Luck.

We'd also like to draw your attention to an ongoing crowdfunding campaign for one our Best Pilot nominees at #NZWF17. The team behind All Bi Myself (below) is raising money to complete the season. Check out their campaign on PledgeMe and the pilot episode on YouTube.

Those of you who know me with my journalist hat on may already know that I left Screenz at the end of last year. My dyslexic digits are all itchy with withdrawal, so this year we’ll start to add a bit of editorial content to, to celebrate some of the NZ Web Fest participants and new NZ series.

Check it out here and please, if you're a creator, take a moment to add [email protected] to your media lists. Let us know when you’ve got news you want to share, whether you’re crowdfunding, launching a new series, adding new content to an ongoing series, or just to skite about a festival selection, nomination or award. The reason the NZ Web Fest exists is to celebrate creators and content, so help us to help you!

One thing we're doing this year is using special days to theme some of our social media posts. Check out our posts on 2 and 7 January to get an idea of what we're doing. If you'd like us to give your show a shout-out, check out this calendar of lesser-known celebrations. Find a date that's got some link (even if tenuous!) to an episode, theme or character from your show, email us the deets and we'll add as many as we can into the mix.

Your show doesn't have to have been selected or even submitted to us. We just like to share :)


Submission deadlines

Pilot Light, UK: January 14, Regular Deadline
Doc Edge: January 15, Final Deadline
Canada-New Zealand Digital Media Fund: January 18, application deadline
DC Web Fest: January 31, Extended Deadline
Die Seriale, Germany January 31, Late Deadline

Copenhagen Web Fest: February 1, Late Deadline
Out Web Fest: February 1, Regular Deadline
Miami Web Fest: February 1, Regular Deadline
Pilot Light, UK: February 17, Late Deadline
Carballo Interplay: February 18, Final Deadline
Melbourne Web Fest: February 28, Regular Deadline
Miami Web Fest: February 28, Extended Deadline

As always, check out Web Series Mag's calendar for a much more comprehensive list of web fest dates and deadlines.
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