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Welcome to our October newsletter. We have a fair bit of ground to cover, so let's get cracking :)

First up, we have today announced our award nominees for #NZWF18. All up 41 of selected shows have achieved 75 nominations across 16 award categories, for which the winners will be announced at the #NZWF18 Awards in Auckland on 17 November. Among those 41 shows are 18 made in NZ, and they'll compete across nine of the award categories.

Rather than have you wade through the rather long list of nominees here, please hop on over to our website to check them out in all their glory.

If you discover that you or your show is now in the hunt for a trophy, please accept our congratulations and best wishes for the awards ceremony.

The full programme and tickets for #NZWF18 are available from next week, and all the info will be live on our website from next Monday, 15 October.
While our own eyes and ears have been pretty busy for the last month or so, confirming our festival selections and award nominees, we haven't been entirely ostrich-like with regard to the goings on at other web fests. We're all about sharing the love, so here's a bunch of shout outs.

Congrats to...

Lanita Ririnui... who has a boatload of stuff named in the programme for this year's edition of the world's largest celebration of indigenous creators, ImagineNative. Lanita's Poi – Hopes and Dreams (among the winners at #NZWF17) and short Taonga, made for this year's Maoriland Film Festival, are both selected for ImagineNative, as is Mario Faumui's 3D short Fan Girl, produced by Lanita.

Also named in the strong selection of Kiwi content in the ImagineNative line-up are Tanu Gago's interactive doco Fafswag Vogue and Coconet TV's #NZWF18 award nominee Weaving Rainbows.

Roberto Nascimento... who'll be putting in a double-shift at #NZWF18 with The Adventures of Suzy Boon and Sui Generis: NZ both among our award nominees. Sui Generis has also been selected for the UK Web Fest later this month, and has three other outings across the Pacific - at Baltimore Next Media Web Fest, NYC Web Fest and Rio Web Fest.

Ness Simons... whose Pot Luck also plays the UK Web Fest, and has two nominations at London Short Series (the reimagined, relocated and relaunched festival fka DubWebFest), before Pot Luck competes at #NZWF18 and Rio Web Fest.

Jaya Beach-Robertson... recently swanning around La La Land and coming away with the Best Web Series gong from the LA Film Festival for Psusy (below).

Congratulations also to all the teams behind the upcoming shows named last week as the latest recipients of NZ On Air support.

These include lots of shows for NZ kids platform Heihei, one of which is a second season of #NZWF18 award nominee George & Me from Attitude Pictures. Someday Stories, whose Foodie is also among the award nominees for #NZWF18, now has NZ On Air support for its third round of titles.

Busying up the pre-Christmas calendar is a fantastic feast of festivals, and there's an equally impressive, if not alliterative, rash of NZ Web Fest titles selected for those events. Around half of our #NZWF18 selections will also play one or more of Baltimore Next Media Web Fest, Bilbao Seriesland, London Short Series, NYC Web Fest, Raindance and Rio Web Fest.

Even in the one-click-of-separation online world where much of the behind the scenes work of web fests is done, we can sometimes feel a little isolated here in NZ. So, we very much appreciate the being part of the international community of festivals that form the Web Series World Cup. As this year's edition comes to a close the same weekend as #NZWF18, here's the current lay of the land.

On paper it's still possible that our #NZWF17 Best Animated Show winner This is Desmondo Ray won't take out this year's Web Series World Cup, but it looks less and less likely as each new league table is published. Other #NZWF18 titles in the running for WSWC podium positions include Lebanon's Bidune Kaid, Colombia's Natural Selection, French show Nemausus, Aussie's Patricia Moore (featuring NZ's Danielle Cormack) and the USA's The Pantsless Detective.

In what has been an amazing year internationally for Aussie webseries (as this graphic demonstrates), the only NZ shows currently in the Web Series World Cup top 100 are Ao-terror-oa and Psusy.

Both shows are #NZWF18 award nominees, and Ao-terror-oa is also up for several awards at the Rio Web Fest. Among those nominations is a Best Actress nod for Britt Scott Clark (below), who hosted the NZ Web Fest awards in 2016 - before neglecting to slip, slap, slop.
If you're in NZ and itching for some local content, the second season of #NZWF16 winner AFK will have its premiere on Labour Day weekend at the Auckland edition of Armageddon, and then head online. We were lucky enough to be invited to a preview screening late last month, so we already know it's a treat. We'll avoid the temptation to spoil, but encourage you to enjoy it.

You could also get along to Show Me Shorts, now running in Auckland, soon to open in other centres, and whose winners were announced on Saturday night. Ian Leaupepe and Samson Rambo's My Friend Michael Jones followed up its two wins at the NZIFF's NZ's Best by going one better, taking three Show Me Shorts gongs including the Oscar-qualifying Best NZ Film.

Finally, please keep an eye out next week for all our programme and ticketing info.
Here are some dates for your diaries. Use them wisely!

October Deadlines
Vancouver Web Fest: October 1, Regular Deadline
Pilot Light, UK: October 12, Earlybird Deadline
Die Seriale, Germany: October 31, Earlybird Deadline

October Events
Raindance Web Fest: September 26 – October 7
FIS-MED, Colombia: October 2-5
UK Web Fest: October 20
Bilbao Seriesland: October 26-27

November Deadlines
HollyWeb Fest: November 16, Regular Deadline
Buenos Aires Web Fest: November 20, Regular Deadline (submissions are FREE)

November Events
Baltimore Next Media Web Fest: 1-4 November
Ace Web Fest (UK): November 2
Rio Web Fest: November 15-18
NZ Web Fest: November 17-18
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