Hi reader

We are thrilled to announce our Official Selections, and look forward to presenting them at #NZWF18. You can find more info on all the shows on our website.

Congratulations to the creators and teams behind all our selections, and commiserations to everyone who submitted but wasn't selected.

Our award nominees will be named on Tuesday 9 October. Tickets for #NZWF18 will go on sale on Monday 15 October.

Without further ado, our 2018 line-up is...
Animation and Puppetry
Don't Panic. Stay Calm, Canada
Fast Heroes Sixty,
George and Me,
New Zealand
Swift And Loose,
All About Sec 377, India
Back from It, Canada
The Girl Code, Canada
The Last 7, Malaysia
Strut, United States
Touch Wood, New Zealand
International Factual
House Call with Dr. Yvette Lu, Canada
Kynnstlah, Germany
Naturally Ours, Canada
On The Topic Of, Canada
Spectrums, Israel
Claudia: That´s My Job, Colombia
International Narrative
Abandoned, Australia
Adulting, United States
Alice In Paris, France
Anachronisme, Italy
Bidune Kaid (Undocumented), Lebanon
The Big Nothing, Australia
The Cell, France
Clusterf*ck, Canada
Dele Viaje, Costa Rica
Homecoming Queens, Australia
I'm Ander, Argentina
Ink, France
Jade of Death, Australia
Mona Lisa Cowboy, United States
Natural Selection, Colombia
Nemausus, France
Not Basic?, Korea
Other People's Problems, Australia
The Pantsless Detective, United States
Patricia Moore, Australia
Sexy Herpes, Australia
Skinford, Australia
The Spell Tutor, Canada
Stage Fright, Germany
Woke, France
Wrong Kind of Black, Australia
NZ Factual
Glimpse: Danielle
Loading Docs: Diversity
Someday Stories: Uapoifalemalu
Subject: Dad
Weaving Rainbows
NZ Narrative
The Adventures of Suzy Boon (S2)
AFK (S2)
Baby Mama's Club
The Fucket List
Life in the Dead Zone
Lucy Lewis Can't Lose (S2)
Oddly Even
Pot Luck (S2)
Psusy (S2)
Someday Stories: Foodie
Sui Generis: NZ

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