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Welcome to our September newsletter.

Since #NZWG17 10 months ago we've enjoyed sharing the continuing successes of some of the shows which were part of that edition, in newsletters and on our social media channels. It's one way for us to do something to acknowledge our participants.

As the year has gone on we've seen the number of those shows diminish from festival to festival, as the series complete their runs on the festival circuit. A growing number of other festivals' selections, award nominees and winners are also submissions to #NZWF18, and we've been itching (in a good way!) to announce some of them for this year's edition.

For now, we can announce one more selection, Korean show Not Basic (below), the winner of our Direct Selection award at Seoul Web Fest, which ran recently. Seoul presented Lucy Lewis Can't Lose, which fest organisers chose from #NZWF17. Also up in Korea at this year's fest was The Video Store, nominated for several awards ā€“ but sadly coming away without any wins.

Elsewhere on the festival circuit Russia's first web fest, Realist Web Fest, has successfully completed its inaugural edition. Israeli show Haniā€™s Barber Shop, which was a nominee for our Best Pilot award last year, took out a couple of awards in Nizhny Novograd: Best Character and a Special Diploma.
Not Basic
Submissions for #NZWF18 are now closed.

A huge thanks to everybody who submitted. We're now into the difficult task of finalising our selections. We'll tease out a few of our choices from late next week, and we'll announce all our selections on Monday 24 September (NZ time, so sometime Sunday for many of our international readers).

September is a busy month on the web fest circuit, with the northern hemisphere summer now over (officially, at least). This month Europe's Berlin, Copenhagen, Tuscany, and Wendie (Hamburg), plus the USA's Minnesota, New Jersey and Ozark Mountain will all run their web fests. The UK's Raindance also opens, but continues its run into October.

NZ Web Fest alumni Bertrand, Bruce, Darren Has a Breakdown, Face to Faith, Hermann Sox, High Life, Or So the Story Goes, Other People's Children, The Pantsless Detective, Shakespeare Republic, The Spell Tutor, This is Desmondo Ray and Zyara are selected at various of those festivals, as are the two #NZWF18 titles we've announced previously: American doco series Kynnstlah and Aussie series Skinford.

Sadly, the only Kiwi show in the mix across all those festivals is Gabriel Page's Life in the Dead Zone (below), an award nominee at Ozark.

For those already looking ahead to next year's web fest opportunities, Melbourne is open for submissions and another of our partner festivals, Stareable, has an offer that you should know about.

Submissions for Stareable Fest 2019 are now open. And, if you verify credits on your Stareable show listing before 15 October, you'll get a discounted submission fee. Details of the offer are here. For info on how to list your show on Stareable, start here.
Life In The Dead Zone
A couple of local online projects are looking for some financial love at the moment.

FAFSWAG, whose campaign closes 15 September, is raising funds to support a presentation at the Pompidou Centre in Paris (France, not Texas). Check out the original NZ On Air-funded interactive doco here (below).

Lift Your Eyes is open for donations until Saturday 8 September, to support production of a series on mental health ā€“ a subject sadly again in the news in NZ following the recent suicide of TVNZ journalist Greg Boyed. The pilot for Lift Your Eyes is here.

Already funded, produced and now looking for eyeballs is this year's crop of Someday Stories, which have been rolling out on various platforms since late August. The Outlook for Someday site is a good place to start.
Finally, please do us a favour and follow our social media (links below) and keep bang up to date as we roll out our 2018 selections, award nominees, programme and ticket details, and - eventually - our winners.

And, if you've submitted a show to us, another huge thank you. Keep your fingers crossed!
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Here's our regular round-up of deadlines and event dates...

September Deadlines
Rio Web Fest: September 1, Final Deadline
International Online Web Fest: September 10, Ultimate Summer Deadline
Doc Edge Festival, NZ: September 15, Early Bird Deadline
UK Web Fest: September 16, Late Deadline (Final)

September Events
Web Fest Berlin: September 7-8
Wendie Web Fest: September 14-15
New Jersey Web Fest: September 15-16
Copenhagen Web Fest: September 21-23
Tuscany Web Fest: September 21-23
Raindance Web Fest: September 26-October 7
Minnesota Web Fest: September 28-30
Ozark Mountain Webfest: September 28-30

October Deadlines
Vancouver Web Fest: October 1, Regular Deadline
Pilot Light, UK: October 12, Earlybird Deadline
Die Seriale, Germany: October 31, Earlybird Deadline

October Events
FIS-MED, Colombia: October 2-5
UK Web Fest: October 20
Bilbao Seriesland: October 26-27
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