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The shutters have come down on our submission period for #NZWF19, which is both sad (because we love getting to see all the amazing content that comes our way) and a relief, because so much amazing content means we'll have do some brutal culling over the next couple of weeks to cram as much of that amazingness into the amount of screening time we've got available.

Our line-up will be larger this year. We've increased it because we've got a new category (AR / MR / VR /360) and because we have a larger number of selection swap partners. We believe it's important that everyone who submits and pays a submission fee shouldn't have a smaller chance of selection because we're taking more shows directly from other festivals.

We will tease out a few more early selections as the month rolls on, and on Tuesday 24 September (NZ time) we'll announce the full line-up in all its glory.

We'll send out a special newsletter on that day to share the selections. We apologise in advance to those whose shows don't make it through. There are just too many great shows to stuff them all into the available screening time - so you can console yourselves by believing that you were very, very unlucky to miss out. In most cases, that will be true. In a few cases, it will be wishful thinking - and in a couple of cases it will be self-delusion of Trumpian proportions.

But for now, we'll turn our attention to other festivals.
Early selection Comedians Eating Plants
All Over the Place
August saw yet more of our partner festivals doing their dash - in Italy, Korea and Russia. All three events are swap partners, so we we've now confirmed three more Direct Selections to #NZWF19.

From Realist in Russia, we've got Chekhov Screenlife, adapted and updated from the writer's short stories; from Sicily the pilot for Twinky Doo's Magic World; and from Seoul we've got Friday the 13th - which picked up the award for Best Suspense/Thriller in Seoul. You'll also be able to see some of the other winners from those events at #NZWF19.

The inaugural edition of Sydney Web Fest has also announced its line-up. It's great to see five NZ shows among the selections - The Adventures of Suzy Boon, AFK, Ao-terror-oa, Misadventures and Sui Generis. All of them have been winners at previous editions of NZ Web Fest, and it's great to see them carrying on their runs.

Life in the Dead Zone continues its successful festival run by picking up five nods for the New Jersey Web Fest (Actor in a Comedy, Supporting Actor in a Comedy, Director in a Comedy, Editing in a Comedy and Outstanding Mockumentary Series). Aimee Jones Watson caught up with one of the team behind the show here.

The Watercooler also has two nods in New Jersey (Ensemble Cast in a Comedy, Outstanding Sketch Comedy Series), and is selected for the Ozark Mountain Web Fest – alongside NZ pilot Constance.

Before we put out our own list of selections later this month, London Short Series will announce its line-up, and the Copenhagen and New Jersey festivals will run. Congrats to Jessica's Tree for its nod in the Doco category in Copenhagen.

By the end of this month fests Minnesota, London's Raindance, Sydney and Berlin will all have had their 2019 outings, and we'll be able to share our selected shows from Minnesota and Sydney.
Our selection from Seoul Web Fest, Friday the 13th
Pausing briefly for a PSA, a reminder that the Web Series World Cup is now developing its database of shows on – thanks in no small part to George Reese, the director of Minnesota Web Fest. If your show has ever been selected for a WSWC festival, it should already be listed on the WSWC database. Check out this facebook post for deets of how to register, claim your show and then you can add info to the listing.

Here at Home
Congrats to all the NZ shows who improved their points tallies in the latest Web Series World Cup rankings.

Congrats also to the three teams picking up production funding from NZ On Air's initiative to support more work by Asian and Pasifika storytellers. Brutal Lives for is from a team including Vela Manusaute and Michael Bennett, creators of early NZ web series tThe Factory back in the pre-webfest mists of time. Sis is spun off #NZWF18 winner Baby Mama's Club by creator Hanelle Harris. Enjoy the pilot/taster here. Inked comes from a team including writer Florence Lam, whose Someday Stories title Foodie was a finalist at #NZWF18.

While we're sharing the love, congrats also to all the winners at this year's 48Hours, led by Christchurch's first grand champ, Snack to the Future's A Familiar Feeling (below).
And the final round of applause goes to Coco Solid/Jessica Hansell, creator of the excellent animated series Aroha Bridge, who was named an Arts Laureate award winner over the weekend.

Thanks to those of you who responded to our call for jury members for #NZWF19. If you missed it, or meant to respond but didn't get round to it, this week is your last chance. Judging takes place in October. We ask people to judge two or three categories, which only takes a few hours – and you get to do it from the comfort of your own sofa. If you're a winner from a previous edition of NZ Web Fest, we should have already reached out to you directly. If you're a previous winner who hasn't heard from us, please complain vigorously to [email protected] and we'll get right on it.

One of our 2018 winners, Roberto Nascimento (Best Director, NZ Narrative, for the second season of Sui Generis), is now crowdfunding to support a third season of his very excellent show. Give him a hand here.

Wrap Your Eyeballs Around
This year's line-up of Loading Docs released a few days ago, following an appropriately early release of Corinna Hunziker's Ihumātao-themed Mana Wahine (pic below).

Hot on the heels of 48Hours and Loading Docs comes another package of shorts, this year's crop of Someday Stories, which releases on Thursday (5 September).

There's another new episode of the excellent if sporadic series Jack of All Trades.

For grazers, Stuff seems to have been boosting its stock of local fare of late, so there's plenty of older and more recent fare on offer here, including more than one winner from previous editions of NZ Web Fest.

If you're in Auckland, Spring is here officially if not actually. Drag your arse off the couch and away from the Rugby World Cup later this month to enjoy the free screenings at this year's Korean Festival in Auckland (which include Cannes winner parasite), and get along to the equally free presentation on the global aspirations of Korea's film industry by Busan Asian Film School's Darcy Paquet.
Check out our calendar for upcoming application and submission deadlines, festivals, and NZ industry events. Although our own deadlines for 2019 are now in the rear view mirror, those for other fests wait like possums in the headlights. Submission deadlines for our several of our partners arrive over the next couple of months.

Here are a few tempters for this month... the final deadline for Pollywood, the earlybird deadline for Doc Edge Festival 2020, and the inaugural Sydney Web Fest.

Check out all our listings.

If you'd like to list a submission deadline, festival date(s), or NZ funding application deadline, just email the info to [email protected] and we'll add it to our calendar.

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