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Welcome to our December newsletter.

2019 is all over bar the shouting, but that shouting includes Saturday's Asia Web Awards, coming from Korea at 3pm Saturday their time (6pm NZ). Good luck to all the nominees.

The 2019 edition of the Web Series World Cup came to a close just after #NZWF19, with the wrapping of the Rio Web Fest - whose social media posting of their event was excellent.

Congrats to the winners at Rio and in the various categories of the WSWC, and especially to the overall WSWC winner this year, Javi Devitt's Argentinian thriller M (below).

Here at home
Our dash is pretty much for 2019, and we're now on a break, allowing our reflections on #NZWF19 and ideas for #NZWF20 to percolate. But before we wave goodbye to #NZWF19, there's just a little more goodness to sprinkle around.

We weren't able to confirm the direct selections to three of our partner festivals by the time of #NZWF19, but we've managed to do so now.

So, huge congratulations to three more NZ shows which will head off to find new audiences next year: Combination, selected for New Jersey Web Fest; Jessica's Tree, off to Realist Web Fest in Russia; and Legendary Polynesia (below), heading to Sicily Web Fest. The shows are now lined up along all the other 2019 champs on our winners page.

We'd like to close with a huge thank you to everyone who was part of making #NZWF19 a success - whether you submitted, were nominated, took part in the conference programme, attended, won or kept up with us from afar, thanks fo your involvement :)

We look forward to doing it all again in 2020 - trying to keep the good bits as good, make some things different or better, and stir in some new stuff... but not until we come back from the beach.

If you're also taking a break over the next few weeks, enjoy it.

Wrap Your Eyeballs Around
A small selection of gems to keep you happy, all from #NZWF19 presenters...

Nikki Si'ulepa's Not These Tourists, Rose McMahon's In The Rainbow, Tupe and Esera Solomon-Tanoa'is Misadventures of a Pacific Professional (below), and the biggest winner at the awards, 3-trophy winners Touch Wood.

For Aucklanders, there's an encore screening of this year's Pollywood Pasifika Film Festival on Thursday (5 Dec) at Titirangi's Te Uru Waitākere Gallery.

We don't publish a newsletter in January, because we're too effing lazy on holiday! Submissions for #NZWF20 will open on 1 February, and we'll pop into your mailbox around then to remind you of that - and to share other news too.

We look forward to seeing you again then. Enjoy the holiday season :)

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