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It's fair to say that few people were expecting March to turn into what many of us experienced. Watching events get postponed, cancelled, rejigged to deliver online experiences, caused much sadness - as did seeing freedoms most of us take for granted curtailed as the new normal took hold.

But at least people seem to be over panic buying loo rolls.

As for NZ Web Fest, we will deliver our 2020 edition. We already have a solid Plan B in place for online delivery of the event, if that looks the best the way to go by the time we close submissions.

With all of that disruption in mind, we'd like to offer special thanks to everyone who submitted shows to us in time for our Early Bird deadline. We're enjoying watching them, and we have several titles we're already itching to share at #NZWF20 in November.

All Over the Place
Some web fests have cancelled, some have postponed, others are battling on. We'd expected to start sharing the early jockeyings for position on this year's Web Series World Cup table, but there's not a lot to report - except for cancellations and postponements.

So, huge congratulations to the team who delivered DC Web Fest online over the weekend, and more congrats to them for pivoting to a new delivery method so quickly. It was great to see several shows picking up awards at the festival, including a trio of #NZWF19 finalists, Lotte Haus, Over and Out and Tokens.

Gone, for now at least, are the 2020 editions of Bogota Web Fest (now October), Miami Web Fest (now 2021), as well as the UK's Pilot Light TV Festival (now TBC August).

Still standing, and with April submission deadlines, are Apulia, Copenhagen, Melbourne, Minnesota, Russia's Realist, Seoul, Toronto, UK Web Fest, and WebFest Berlin.

Here at home
Although the Covid-19 race is one NZ is happy to be coming almost last in, its effects are still affecting us all.

Due to the lockdown, we're seeing a rash of cancellations and postponements - of both productions and industry events.

Late last month Maoriland Film Festival cancelled screenings after the festival had begun its run. The lockdown also forced organisers to call off last week's WIFT Awards and Big Screen Symposium, and the upcoming 48Hours has postponed the shoot weekend (previously 22-24 May).

We know all too well how much effort has gone into the planning and preparation for all those events, and we sympathise with everybody who won't get the reward of seeing those events come to fruition.

On the brighter sider, Viva La Dirt League has successfully concluded a crowdfunding campaign for Baelin's Route, a short film spinning off from the long-running webseries Epic NPC Man, while Doc Edge has announced it will deliver this year's festival and industry programme online.

Wrap Your Eyeballs Around...
Meme (above), from the team that brought you the award-winning Flat 3 and Friday Night Bites, is now out and about on TVNZ OnDemand (NZ-only, sorry).

Also on TVNZOD is The Unortho_Docs (below), which took out awards for Camerawork, Editing, and Post Design at last year's NZTV Awards. Antonia Prebble fronts Stuff's Being Human. Sticking with factual, Chillbox series ChillDocs is well worth a visit or several.

As some people now have a bit more time on their hands than they were expecting, and fewer new releases to enjoy, we'd recommend digging a bit deeper into the archives, to catch up on some shows that you may have missed. There's a serious binge viewing opportunity available with the 140 episodes of Ahikaroa. If you're missing the chance to tiki tour, Maori Television also has the mouth-watering Kai Time.

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As always, if you'd like to list your web festival submission deadline, date(s), or NZ screen industry funding/submission deadlines and event dates, just send the info to [email protected] and we'll add it to the calendar. You can read all our newsletters here.

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