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It's time to reveal our award nominees for 2019. When we confirmed our line-up of selections, we thought that declining so many amazing submissions was an exercise in brutality. Choosing which of the selections not to nominate for awards was like clubbing baby seals.

However, we got through it and no actual seals were harmed in the making of our list of finalists. For those of you who like numbers, 64 shows from 15 countries achieved 106 nominations in 22 award categories - plus selection awards to partner festivals.

Congrats to all the nominees!

If you're nominated, you should get an email from FilmFreeway about tix to the awards ceremony. Hit us up at [email protected] if that email doesn't arrive today.

If you're not nominated, we're sorry. But do come along to the awards ceremony anyway, applaud politely and smile through gritted teeth as your award disappears into the hands of some unworthy so and so.

Tix go on sale for the awards and conference sessions on 15 October. As usual, our screening programme is free.

The full list of nominees is here.
All Over the Place

Elsewhere, the Web Series World Cup is now coming off the final bend and about to enter the home straight for 2019.

Since our September newsletter fests in Berlin, Copenhagen, Minnesota and New Jersey have all run their 2019 editions - as has the inaugural edition of non-WSWC fest Sydney.

Congrats to Roberto Nascimento's The Adventures of Suzy Boon and Sui Generis, both of which won prizes in Sydney. Congrats also to the winners of our most recent Direct Selection awards: Fallin' Off from Minnesota; Marias from New Jersey; and Eating with Soula from Sydney.

This month, Bilbao, Marseille and Ozark Mountain will hold their 2019 editions. Among our international line-ups, Detention Adventure, M, Otsoen Lurraldean and Wind Bell (below) have award nominations at #NZWF19 and Ozark Mountain, where The Watercooler also has a pair of nominations.
Here at home

Congrats to the team behind Alibi, the winner of our Best Show (NZ Narrative) award last year. As well as a boatload of award nominations for November's Rio Web Fest, they've now picked up more funding to advance new series Rockburn.

NZ On Air has announced a recently boatload of cash for shows, including another season of Loading Docs and second seasons of a couple of #NZWF19 titles, The Drawing Show (below) and K Road Chronicles.

Longtime stalwarts of the NZ doco community, Jim and Anna Marbrook, are now raising funds for Loimata, which they pitched in May at Doc Edge Pitch. Give them a helping hand here before 15 November.

Show Me Shorts opened on the weekend by celebrating its winners. Congrats to the Oscar-qualifying winners Ani and The Chef. Check out all the winners and the line-up here.
Wrap Your Eyeballs Around

When you're done checking out our nominees, take a few moments to enjoy a few of our nominees.

Millennial Jenny has been releasing new episodes recently (via @millennial jenny on Instagram).

One of our 2017 nominees, These Two, is about to unleash more fun. Keep an eye out here.
Tickets for #NZWF19 go on sale on 15 October. Get them here

While all of the WSWC fests have closed submissions for 2019, some 2020 editions are already accepting submissions. For all the info on Web Series World Cup festivals and ranking tables, follow @WebSeriesWorldCup on facebook.

Check out our calendar for application and submission deadlines, festivals, and NZ industry events. If you'd like to list a submission deadline, festival date(s), or NZ funding application deadline, just send the info to [email protected] and we'll add it to the calendar.

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