Announcing the #NZWF18 Award Nominees

Here are the #NZWF18 Award Nominees

9 October 2018:
We’re excited to announce the 41 local and international shows which have achieved 75 nominations across 16 award categories this year, for which the winners will be announced at the #NZWF18 Awards in Auckland on 17 November.

The most-nominated show at this year’s festival comes from the USA: Tom Chamberlain’s noirish The Pantsless Detective season 4: Play It Again, Dick! The most-nominated local shows, with three shots at award glory each, are Alibi and the second seasons of Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose, Pot Luck, Psusy and Sui Generis.

A previous season of The Pantsless Detective was a finalist at #NZWF16. Other returning creators and shows who’ve been nominated or won awards at previous editions of the NZ Web Fest include Strut by Misha Calvert, who made last year’s Best Pilot nominee Tinder is the Night. Local returnees include Attitude’s Glimpse, Vicki Makutu’s youth magazine show Hahana, Thomasin McKenzie in Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose, Josh Hall and Matt Earle with Misadventures (previously nominated for Blade NZ, 2016), Ness Simons’ Pot Luck, and Roberto Nascimento’s Sui Generis.

Peter Haynes and Hweiling Ow, winners of NZ Web Fest’s Best Web Series award in 2016 for the first season of AFK, return to the finalist line-up with Ao-terror-oa, which achieves two award nominations. One of Ao-terror-oa’s nominations is for actress Britt Scott Clark (Shortland Street, Viva La Dirt League), who hosted the #NZWF16 awards.

The full line-up of #NZWF18 Award Nominees, listed by category, is now live here.

The full festival programme will be announced and tickets will be available from Monday 15 October. This year’s NZ Web Fest, #NZWF18, runs 17-18 November in Auckland.

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