Direct Selection from Bogota Web Fest

Direct Selection from
Bogota Web Fest

It’s our great pleasure to announce that the winner of our Direct Selection award at the inaugural edition of Colombia’s Bogotá Web Fest goes to (drum roll, please…) Frontera City.

Bogotá Web Fest kicks off the 2019 edition of the Web Series World Cup, and so Frontera City becomes the first title announced for #NZWF19.

Juan Diego Aguirre’s drama is set in Cúcuta, a frontera (border) city where Colombia and Venezuela meet. Frontera City tells stories about the seamy side of life, the dark worlds of drug addiction, prostitution, criminal gangs and violence that sometimes go unnoticed in the midst of a hectic city.

The episode screening in #NZWF19, First Time, deals with the initiation of a child into the criminal underworld.

At #NZWF18, we presented two Colombian shows, drama Natural Selection and doco series Claudia: That’s My Job, which won our award for the best international factual show. Three #NZWF18 titles were also selected for Bogotá, including Nemausus which won Bogotá Web Fest’s Best International Web Series award.

Frontera City plays at #NZWF19 in the International Narrative category. A NZ show from #NZWF19 will be selected for Bogotá’s 2020 edition.