Direct Selection from Stareable Fest

Direct Selection from
Stareable Fest

It’s our great pleasure to announce that the winner of our Direct Selection award at Stareable Fest is (drum roll, please…) Bless This Mess.

Alex Trow’s Bless This Mess is the pilot for an anthology series to celebrate the voices and perspectives of a diverse group of writers. Each webisode is set in the same location, but each writer has free rein to tell the story that s/he would like to tell.

In the pilot episode, a young woman has an unexpected encounter with someone she had a high school crush on, and misreads the circumstances of their reunion.

This selection begins the second round of selection swaps with Stareable Fest. In 2017 Stareable founder Ajay Kishore was our guest, and we selected Kynnstlah from the inaugural Stareable Fest in 2018. In return, Stareable selected Gabriel Page’s Life in the Dead Zone for its 2019 edition. Stareable Fest is a participating festival in the Web Series World Cup.

TITLE plays at #NZWF19 in the CATNAME category. It joins our previously-announced selections from partner festivals at #NZWF19:

Stareable Fest will select a NZ show from #NZWF19 for its next edition.