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Friday Night Bites

Friday Night Bites

Friday Night Bites was a joint winner, with The Maori Sidesteps, of the Best Ensemble (NZ Narrative) award at #NZWF17

From the Flat3 team, Friday Night Bites explores the lives of three 20-something, Asian Kiwi women who to live together. Examining what it is to be young, diverse, and female in an Auckland flat, the show explores everything pop-culture, political and emotional – from sexual foibles to quantum physics.

Funny, poignant and fresh, Friday Night Bites is an awkward comedy about a bunch of young women who don’t know what they’re doing in this life – but trying their damnedest to make it awesome. Each episode is a standalone vignette and features weird, smart, subversive tales from urban flat life.

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Previous festival selections include Raindance Web Festival

Roseanne Liang

Roseanne Liang

Kerry Warkia
Maha Albadrawi
JJ Fong
Ally Xue
Perlina Lau