#NZWF15 Speakers

7 November 2015, Media Design School, Auckland
Anna Jackson Anna Jackson is one of the Executive Producers of Loading Docs, co-director of Transmedia NZ and a researcher and lecturer at AUT Colab. She speaks on the NZWF15 panel What’s Next? with Joseph Herscher and Laurent Antonczak
Benny McNugget Benny makes advice videos about boys, girls and getting along together.
Brenda Leeuwenberg Brenda is NZ On Air’s Head of Digital, running the agency’s digital media funds and developing digital strategy across the organisation.
Brent Kennedy Brent has a track record of developing ideas for brands that deliver results and transcend marketing disciplines. Over the last 20 years he’s led agencies here and in Asia, and now runs Camaraderie.
Caito Potatoe (MC) Caito makes videos about makeup tutorials “and stuff that’s going on in my life”.
Chaz Harris Chaz Harris created award-winning webseries 101 Dates and will present the world premiere of End of Term at the NZWF.
Claris Jacobs Claris Jacobs is one of the founders of The Candle Wasters, who created vlog series based on the works of William Shakespeare Nothing Much To Do and Lovely Little Losers. In 2016 the Candle Wasters will shoot a webseries, Bright Summer Night. Claris speaks on the NZWF15 panel session Building And Sustaining An Audience.
Emily Jane YouTuber Emily Jane covers favourite songs, writes and performs orignal music and vlogs about fashion, beauty and life.
Jamie Curry Jamie’s World is one of NZ’s most popular YouTube channels and a finalist for the NZWF Best YouTube Channel. Jamie is also the author of They Let Me Write A Book!!
JJ Fong (MC) JJ Fong is an actress, well-known for Go Girls and Step Dave. She’s also member of the team that created webseries Flat 3 and appears in Peter Haynes’ AFK
Joseph Herscher Joseph is a well-known creator of Rube-Goldberg or Heath Robinson contraptions, and the creator of webseries Jiwi’s Machines
Laurent Antonczak Laurent is a multicultural entrepreneur specialising in digital strategies and emerging technologies. He’s also one of the co-founders of Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa
Peter Haynes Peter is the creator of webseries JF2: Primal Fury and AFK, which will have its festival premiere at the NZWF.
Ollie Langdon (MC) Ollie’s YouTube channel The Sheep That Went Moo is a collection of comedy, sketches, rants and dubious headgear. It’s also a finalist for the NZWF’s YouTube One to Watch award.
Roberto Nascimento Roberto is the creator of webseries The Adventures of Suzy Boon, based in part on his experience of coming to NZ form his native Brazil.
Roseanne Liang Roseanne Liang is the writer and director of feature film My Wedding & Other Secrets, based on her autobiographical documentary Banana in a Nutshell. She’s also the creator of webseries Flat 3> and the upcoming Friday Night Bites
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