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Twisted Mirror TV
The Comedy Factory

Twisted Mirror Films Ltd is delighted to launch Twisted Mirror TV, a comedy App dedicated to short-form comedy content (short films, digital series and stand up comedy sketches).

Driven by the new technology Twisted Mirror TV catalogue fits perfectly into any comedy lovers smartphone. Need a snappy laugh while having your coffee, before going to bed, between meetings, while commuting on the bus?

Our wicked Twisted Mirror TV will cheer you up! Our subscription streaming platform (NZ$ 2.99/month) operates a no-contract model, where mobile users can experience comedy anytime and may cancel at any moment. We aim to launch our video on demand platform worldwide.

Our International catalogue of short-form comedy content (up to 15 mins) is now available on iOS and Android, and will be available on Smart TVs in the near future. The line-up comedy series and short films are provided by award winning directors and producers. We are also pleased to present the best of African digital series and short films through our “AFRICA COMEDY” section in partnership with Digital Africa and Festico, Comedy Film Festival based in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Furthermore, Twisted Mirror TV would like to thank the following web festivals dedicated to digital series: Apulia WebFest, Asia Web Awards, Bilbao SeriesLand, Carballo Interplay, London Short Series, Marseille Web Fest, Melbourne WebFest, NJ WebFest, NZ Web Fest, Pilot Light TV Festival, Seoul Web Fest, Sicily WebFest and WebFest Berlin.

Mikael Thiery, co-director of Twisted Mirror TV, mentioned, “The video consumption on smartphones increased for the last few years, digital series became the new form of entertainment and 100% of mobile users love comedy. Therefore, creating a comedy App focused on short-form comedy content was the natural response to this amazing phenomenon. Twisted Mirror TV offers a complete brand new stand-up comedy experience with short comedy sketches (videotaped live) available through our streaming platform.”

Twisted Mirror TV has already hosted successful stand up comedy nights in London where International comedians performed in English in front of a live audience. The filmed comedy sketches (around 5 minutes) are available through our comedy App. Our intuitive platform offers offline mode so any user may have an uninterrupted experience even when there is no wi-fi.

Erol Mustafov, co-director of Twisted Mirror TV, added, “As online content is scattered all around the Internet and the attention span decreased lately, hosting a streaming
platform dedicated to quality short-form content was our innovative solution to this unique digital creative wave.”

About Twisted Mirror Films
Twisted Mirror Films LTD is a UK-based production company run by Mikael Thiery (BA Arts, EICAR Paris) and Erol Mustafov (MSc Multimedia, DCU Ireland). They are both filmmakers and award-nominated producers with a great creative expertise when it comes to digital series.

Erol and Mikael were the founders and directors of the Dublin Web Fest and London Short Series Festival – an International event dedicated to online series. As edgy entrepreneurs and comedy lovers they embraced the new form of entertainment by setting up Twisted Mirror TV – a comedy streaming platform.


Published on 6 August 2019