WSWC: April 2019

WSWC: April 2019

This year’s Web Series World Cup releases its first set of rankings. The old, the new and the unknown set out on their journeys.

This year, it seems that all roads will lead to Rome, as the Roma Web Fest runs later than the Rio Web Fest which normally closes out the event.

Published on 22 April, the first WSWC table already has well over 100 shows – a number that will probably more than double by the end of the run. The table takes in the year’s first completed festivals, Bogota, Buenos Aires and DC, as well as the selections announced for three upcoming events.

No show on the table has been selected for all six festivals, although three of the top 10 play at five of those festivals.


Otsoen Lurraldean

Bragging Rights

The road ahead is long, but the shows taking early bragging rights and podium positions are Argentina’s M (top image), Spain’s Otsoen Lurraldean (In the Land of Wolves), and Canada’s Public Writer.

As two of the three festivals run so far are South American, it’s no surprise to see more South American shows place in the top 10. Among those is Dele Viaje, which played at #NZWF18. Three European shows, placing fourth, fifth and sixth, complete the top 10.

NZ shows on the table are (in descending order) Sui Generis, Ao-terror-oa and The Watercooler.

The table released appears incomplete at the moment. The following NZ shows are missing from the list, but have selections for the following WSWC festivals

  • The Adventures of Suzy Boon (Buenos Aires),
  • AFK (Apulia),
  • Baby Mama’s Club (Miami) and
  • Life in the Dead Zone (die Seriale).


Brand Canada

Diff’rent Strokes

This year, the WSWC table makes it easy to spot factual series and pilots. Frances Vol 69 (Flight 69) is the highest ranked pilot, followed by Canada’s Chateau Laurier. Both shows played a number of 2018 festivals, so they’re unlikely to hold their positions as the year rolls on.

Another Canadian show, Brand Canada, is currently the highest-ranked factual show, followed by Colombia’s Cronicas Desarmadas.

Canadian shows make very regular appearances in web fests around the world. their WSWC rankings this year will suffer from the absence of the Vancouver Web Fest, which is not running in 2019.

The WSWC festivals running in the next month will be Miami (2-5 May) and Apulia (17-19 May).



Rules of the Game

For those who don’t know, the Web Series World Cup works a little like the Rugby Sevens tournament.

The cup runs each calendar year. Shows pick up points from each festival for each selection, award nomination, and award win. The running total is updated roughly once a month. Organisers announce the winner either following the final festival of the year, or earlier if a show takes an unassailable lead.