WSWC: late July 2019

WSWC: late July 2019

The second set of Web Series World Cup rankings for July is now released. It follows the announcements of selections from Copenhagen, Minnesota and New Jersey; nominees for Seoul; and award winners at T.O. Webfest (Canada), SWA (Peru) and Melbourne WebFest.


Bragging Rights

Dreaming Whilst Black (the first British show to top the table) retains its place in top spot. Argentinian show M and Spain’s Otsoen Lurraldean sit only a point a part in the other podium positions.

Although a few shows jostle for placings, there’s only one change of title from the previous top 10. The League of S.T.E.A.M. (top image) returns, displacing Bip, which came into the top 10 at The League’s expense in early July.

The new top 10 looks like this:

  1. Dreaming Whilst Black, UK, 208 points
  2. M, Argentina, 170
  3. Otsoen Lurraldean, Spain, 169
  4. Vieux Jeu, Canada, 102
  5. The League of S.T.E.A.M., USA, 101

As noted previously, some titles made several festival appearances in 2018, so won’t be eligible for selection by all 2019 festivals.

  1. Public Writer, Canada, 94
  2. Flight 69, France, 90
  3. Abracadavers, Canada, 89
  4. A-Live, Italy, 88
  5. Anomalie, Germany, 85

Overall, a record 783 titles have now been selected for WSWC festivals this year. The Canadians continue to punch well above their weight, with shows holding six of the top 20 spots and 12 of the top 50.

A-Live, the first branded series to achieve a top 10 placing (and our direct selection to #NZWF19 from Apulia Web Fest)



As it has done throughout this season, Sui Generis remains the highest-ranked NZ show. However, having not added to its points tally since the previous update, the show has dropped out of the top 20 – for now at least.

The Watercooler and Life in the Dead Zone remain the next best-placed NZ titles.

We do keep an eye on how the submissions we receive align with or differ from those for other festivals. Compared with today’s table, 16 of the current top 20 shows submitted to NZ Web Fest this year or last. Of the remaining four, all are 2019 releases which may still enter (or win Direct Selection Awards from other partner festivals to #NZWF19).


Best of the Rest

The first pilot ever to achieve a top 10 ranking, Vol 69 / Flight 69 (94 points) remains the highest-ranking pilot (no pun intended) on the table. It looks likely to retain that honour for a while yet. Outro Lado / Other Side from Brazil is the next-ranked pilot, placed at #46. The third-placed pilot, Chateau Laurier, sits at #59.

Whilst not in the running for the overall WSWC title, Germany’s Bastards has taken pole position in the race for the WSWC webdoc award. Bastards (48 points) sits only four points ahead of the USA’s Click on This and a second German show, Video Hunters.

Web Fest Berlin has selected both Bastards and Video Hunters, so they’ll have the chance to add to their scores on home turf come September.

WSWC’s highest-flying pilot to date, Vol 69


Next stops

In what remains of July, Ozark Mountain is due to announce its selections.

August will be a busier month than in some previous years on the WSWC circuit, with Realist running in Russia, plus the 2019 editions of Seoul and Sicily.

NZ Web Fest has selection swap agreements with all three August festivals. We look forward to confirming more titles for #NZWF19 as those festivals run. Our latest selection swap title (from Stareable) is announced here, and includes the titles of all selection swaps so far confirmed for #NZWF19.




Rules of the Game

For those who don’t know, the Web Series World Cup works a little like the IRB Sevens tournament.

The cup runs each calendar year. Shows pick up points at participating festivals for each selection, award nomination, and award win. The running total is updated every few weeks. Organisers announce the winner either following the final festival of the year, or earlier if a show takes an unassailable lead.

This year, organisers will name three winners: for web series, webdoc, and pilot.


Published on 24 July 2019