WSWC: September2019

WSWC: September 2019


The Web Series World Cup has released the rankings for October. This update includes all points awarded from the now-completed fests in Berlin, Copenhagen, Minnesota and New Jersey, plus the points from selection and nominee announcements by all of the year’s remaining participating fests: Bilbao, Marseille, Ozark Mountain, Rio – and ourselves.

This update offers a much clearer steer on the final outcomes.


Bragging Rights

None of the top five shows have changed position, but the shows previously at #9 and #10 (Flight 69 and A-Live) have been edged out by Detention Adventure and Bip.

The top 10 now looks like this:

  1. Dreaming Whilst Black, UK, 280 points
  2. M, Argentina, 265
  3. Otsoen Lurraldean, Spain, 249

Only the order of the podium placings is now up for discussion. No other show can catch the trio still in contention for the top spot.

In fact, only two of those top three shows are in contention for the actual WSWC award. Otsoen Lurraldean is made by the directors of the Bilbao fest. Shows made by teams associated with festivals are allowed to collect points but aren’t eligible for awards.

  1. Vieux Jeu, Canada, 189
  2. The League of S.T.E.A.M., USA, 166
  3. Anomalie, Germany, 151
  4. Abracadavers, Canada, 133
  5. Public Writer, Canada, 125
  6. Detention Adventure, Canada, 120 (top image)
  7. Bip, Switzerland, 118

The Canadians continue to punch well above their weight. In this update they hold eight of the top 20 spots, so are by far the best-performing nation.

Bip, back in the top 10


As some NZ shows have made their WSWC runs over two years, they’re now falling down the WSWC rankings.

The Watercooler (#28) has overtaken Sui Generis (#58) and Life in the Dead Zone (#72) as NZ’s highest-ranked show.

AFK (#76) is the other NZ show ranked in the top 100.

We do keep an eye on how the submissions we receive align with or differ from those for other festivals. Compared with today’s table, 17 of the current top 20 shows submitted to NZ Web Fest this year or last.

Best of the Rest

The first pilot ever to achieve a top 10 ranking, Vol 69 / Flight 69, now sits one point outside the top 10 but comfortably remains the best-placed pilot show on the table. No other pilot can now overtake it.

German wrestling doco Bastards remains in pole position in the race for the WSWC webdoc award, although it could be overtaken. Depending on the awards handed out by the remaining festivals, American show Click on This (63 points), Canada’s Farm Crime (61) could yet top Bastards’ 75 points.

Of the shows made by members of the festival community, none can overtake Otsoen Lurraldean. A-Live, which has been in and out of the top 10 for much of the year, sits second. Utopia Planitia places third.

Utopia Planitia

Next stops

There’s not a lot more of this year’s WSWC to go.
Bilbao, Marseille and Ozark Mountain run this month, with ourselves and Rio bringing closing out proceedings.

NZ Web Fest has selection swap agreements with Bilbao, Ozark Mountain and Rio, and we look forward to announcing the winners of those.




Rules of the Game

For those who don’t know, the Web Series World Cup works a little like the IRB Sevens tournament.

The cup runs each calendar year. Shows pick up points at participating festivals for each selection, award nomination, and award win. The running total is updated every few weeks. Organisers announce the winner either following the final festival of the year, or earlier if a show takes an unassailable lead.

This year, organisers will name three winners: for web series, webdoc, and pilot.


Published on 11 October 2019